Sound art, a time full of experiences and emotions, for every sound and for every musician we had the the chance to meet and collaborate with.

Bring us your idea, your demo or studio project, your mix or any restoration-needed content. We’ll work it out in the most personalized way in order to get a -without compromise- result that fits with your highest demands.


Iridescences (Various artists)


Bath Tub (Eleni Efthimiou)


‘Mathimatarion’ psalm (interpreted by Dimos Papatzalakis)



‘Bal & Kan’ (contemporary modal music) – Live stereo recording at ´estudio NAU de fundació Phonos´ UPF  (Barcelona, 2013/2014)


Rainbow Touch – Sensitive Kind



RnB Vintage Grooves: Yannis Korinthios, Mike Korakas & George Papazoglou(Crete 2009)



Slow Time Rnb chills: Yannis Korinthios feat. Mike Korakas & George Papazoglou (Crete, 2009)

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