Broadside, LR and gradient Sub configuration comparisons

Fall is here and many outdoor fests and concerts move to interior spaces, with designs and experimentation towards next season open space acts. Here the comparison of common Sub system configurations in broadside (straight, curved, staircased), LR Stack and gradient.

Without having innovated in anything, designed in SoundVision, we can see the result of the different ways of dispersion (or inversely of the pattern control) of the SPL of each configuration. The idea is to maximize the coverage in front of the stage with the greatest homogeneity possible in dispersion both in SPL and in frequency, in the same time with the minimum dispersion behind the arrays, towards the stage.

In such a way a better sound experience in the main field is achieved, even on stage, with a lower auditory effort by musicians and for the monitoring purpose.
Among other interesting aspects is the difference of coherence in phase that each configuration presents, with that of central stack that is achieved much more easily (due to less comb-filtering), on the other hand with more acoustic dispersion backwards.


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